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Rocomamas Launch the Battle Royale Burger


Rocomamas Launch the Battle Royale Burger

Rocomamas have announced a Battle Royale inspired burger to satisfy those hunger cravings during intense online battles.

Winner Winner Chick…uhm…beef burger Dinner. We were rather excited to see that South African burger joint Rocomamas has created a Battle Royale burger to tempt the hungry cravings of gamers all across South Africa.

Rocomamas quietly introduced the Red Bomber burger which features a 150g Beef Smash patty, Yomayo, Bacon, Aged Cheddar, Salsa, Old Skool Bbq, and a Feta Bomb hidden under the top bun.

You can also get the Battle Royal version which comes with Small Fries and a can of Red Bull.

The Battle Royale, burger and Red Bull combo, retails for R115 and expect to pay a bit more if you use one of the delivery services.

Naturally, we could not resist and popped over to our nearest Rocomamas. The Battle Royale burger did not stand a chance and we dominated the situation rather swiftly. First taste feedback: This thing is tasty. We need to go back and have it again. So, rather than doing it alone, we’re arranging a meet-up soon.

Keep an eye on the Battle Room Brawls Facebook page for info on the PUBGM meet-up. There will be burgers and exclusive merch up for grabs. — © 2020 MBLGMR

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