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Farlight 84 battle royale game looks like one helluva mashup


Farlight 84 battle royale game looks like one helluva mashup

What do you get when you combine all the most exciting features from your favourite battle royale games? Well, Farlight 84 seems to be the answer.

The hero-based battle royale shooter is set to launch early in 2021 and will combine MOBA elements with crafting, shooting and rideable vehicles. It goes without saying that each character has its own capabilities and play style.

Farlight 84 is a PVP first-person shooter that takes place in a vibrant world where a deadly zombie cyber-infection has turned everyone into “Zomborgs”. Now, the last survivors must battle it out across different playgrounds of destruction to scavenge what they need to survive. Players duke it out against other Zomborg survivors in Farlight’s post-apocalyptic world by controlling powerful heroes in frantic 40-player battle royale matches.

Farlight 84 also offers players new ways to establish their individuality. As well as being able to personalise and upgrade their weapons and equipment, victorious players will be able to earn post-match building materials. These resources can be used by players to construct ‘refuges’ to hang out with friends between matches.

At launch, Farlight 84  players will be able to choose from a diverse roster of characters, each with their unique skills, abilities and play styles. 

Players will also be able to wield some funky weapons from the game’s “Big Four” weapon manufacturers, with each one packing a special surprise punch.

Players will be able to enter the heat of battle by being blasted from a cannon before making their way around using multi-legged vehicles, jetpacks and bouncing boards. When using these machines, Farlight 84  players will also have to consider the game’s unique ‘energy system’. This mechanic adds an additional layer of strategy as survivors are forced to prioritise where they expend vital energy when using the game’s vast array of vehicles, weapons and shields.

Farlight 84 launches into early access in 2021.

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