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Code Miner: Learn to code your own bot


Code Miner: Learn to code your own bot

Code Miner is a mobile game, where the player is an engineer who has to program a mining robot for various, challenging missions. The charming little robot can be programmed using JavaScript language. Players can practice programming on the go while enjoying the game. Code Miner has three pillars to its gameplay: Upgrading, Programming, and Running the robot.

Code Miner makes use of JavaScript, an industry-standard scripting language, which is easy to learn, and one of the most widely used languages around.

Playing Code Miner is a great way to learn the basics of programming and JavaScript, but it is not entirely about teaching. More about learning while doing by using JavaScript to program your game vehicle. If you know the basics (e.g. what is a variable, function, loop), you’ll be able to play this game easily. If not, you can still enjoy this game if you do some online research and prep work. The information is out there.

The games’ built-in code editor streamlines code editing with smart indenting, comment/uncomment line, syntax highlighting, brace matching, and so on. There’s even a smart code completion feature to assist you.

And just in-case you wonder, the app only needs the basic permissions to server you a code runner environment.

Code Miner: A Programming Game can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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