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Battlepalooza plays battle royale in real-world cities


Battlepalooza plays battle royale in real-world cities

I’m loving the new wave of battle royale style games that’s popping up on mobile and this one is looking to be another one worth checking out.

Battle Palooza will only launch on the 10th of December but is open for pre-registration. Developed by nWay, the game will feature maps based on real-world cities and we’ll see Las Vegas and San Francisco at launch with more cities promised to launch in the future.

What makes this interesting is that nWay worked with Google’s Real-World Games team to develop the maps. The technology is based on the Google Maps platform and was launched about two years ago to allow game developers to extract valuable data from Google Maps.

This year, the technology was opened up to all game developers and there are two tools that they can tap into. The Maps SDK for Unity gives developers the ability to create and customise a game world based on real world locations, while the Playable Locations API helps developers find the best locations to place real-world gameplay.

We’ve recently seen Pacman:Geo use this technology with great success too.

According to nWay CEO, Taehoon Kim, the company wanted to develop a battle royale game that is made for casual gamers. “Battle royales are competitive and the multiplayer action is unpredictable, making it one of the most engaging and replayable genres but if you don’t have a high level of shooting game experience, skills, and reflexes, you don’t have much of a chance at winning. That’s not fun. That’s why we made a fun battle royale game for the rest of us.”

To achieve this, Battle Palooza features a combat system that rewards players not just on reaction time but also those who use strategy and skill.

The game takes the inventory and equipment loadout system of RPGs and the mid-match player progression of MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arenas) to add strategy and depth, making it more accessible to a wider variety of players.

Similar to Battlelands, this game uses a top-down camera view and features a diverse set of items, consumables, weapons, and skills — including the gravity bomb, cannon bots, invisibility gear, drones, warp potions, barricades, and more.

Battlepalooza will allow up to 24 players to play together, and features team modes including Duo (up to 12 teams of 2) and Trio (up to 8 teams of 3), with drop-in drop-out multiplayer for easily accessible and fast session play. 

“With Battlepalooza, we set out to create a unique experience. By combining real-time multiplayer competition and real-world city arenas with strategic combat systems and high accessibility, Battlepalooza will redefine the way players experience battle royales,” added Kim. “We are optimistic about Battlepalooza and have already planned a robust roadmap of features and content to come in the near future.”

Hopefully, we’ll see users able to generate their own maps in the future but for now, it’s likely they’ll stick to some of the bigger cities to launch with. Either way, we’re looking forward to seeing this one in action. — © 2020 MBLGMR

You can pre-register for Battlepalooza on Google Play or the App Store.


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