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Among Us: Just download it, you’ll thanks us later

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Among Us: Just download it, you’ll thanks us later

The game that’s taking the world by storm was made for mobile, and you should to check it out. It is great fun.

Published and developed by InnerSloth, Among Us launched back in 2018 and was produced as a mobile-only game for iOS and Android. With only around 50 players on average at the time, the game grew a steady and loyal userbase.

Later that year, InnerSloth released Among Us on Steam, introducing the game to a massive PC gaming audience and giving the game cross-platform support. It would still take another 2 years before the game would reach worldwide popularity.

Somewhere around July this year, Among Us’ player count started to skyrocket when it became popular on Twitch. According to its developers, Twitch streamer Sodapoppin is credited as one of the gamers who caused the game’s sudden rise in popularity.

To put the numbers into perspective, Among Us reached 1 million downloads in August 2019, one year later, September 2020, the game hit the 100 million download mark. In the same month, it also became the most streamed game on Twitch.

Although it had a very slow rise to fame, Among Us’ success and the player adoption rate is due to the fact that this game has very low PC and mobile device requirements. Virtually anyone can play it and the premise is simple. Up to 10 players are stuck on a spaceship with tasks to complete to ensure their survival. As the game starts, up to 3 players will randomly be chosen to be the imposters. Their goal is to kill their crewmates and sabotage the ship, all without being discovered.

When a body is discovered, or a crewmember suspects an imposter, an emergency meeting is held where players can discuss matters. This is where things get interesting. Whether the imposter accuses someone to deflect the heat away from themselves, or an innocent player having to defend their actions, there are usually a few laughs when an innocent player gets booted from the space ship.

The game uses a text chat feature to allow players to communicate but most gamers just join a voice room on Discord – it’s a lot more fun this way. Of course, Among Us is most enjoyable when you play it with friends but random games can be just as fun if you want to go at it alone. Just remember, no talking while the game is in progress, you should only use voice chat in the emergency meetings.

Setting up a room and sharing a simple code is done very easily and you can get up to 10 friends to play within a few minutes. Once in the lobby, there’s a PC on a crate that can be used to adjust the game settings, like setting the discussion time, speed up player movement, and task numbers.

The game is gorgeous in its simplicity. Crudely drawn maps and characters keep your focus on the strategy required to outsmart your crewmates in order to survive.

Your tasks are assigned to you and there are communal tasks to take care of. Completing these mini-games is easy and requires you to connect wires, flip switches, or enter codes.

Imposters are also assigned various tasks and in between completing those, they will be required to strategically kill off crewmembers without being caught. Imposters are also able to look at doors and trap players or escape in various hatches around the ship.

Controlling your character is easily done with familiar thumb controls and you can select one of two control options, depending on your gameplay preference.

Among Us is free to play but ad-supported. You can remove the ads by paying R28 which is well worth the price. Go on to support your local game developer.

You can also buy skins and pets for your character and the price range from R28 for a skin bundle to R51 for individual items in the store.

This game is great fun with friends and even when you get-together, this one will be great as you watch your crewmates in the eyes and defend yourself. — © 2020 MBLGMR

You’ll find Among Us on the Google Play Store and the App Store.


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